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While the bulk of construction standards are pretty well established, things do change rapidly because the materials and methods used in the field are ever evolving. Here are some snippets of things we see and just some good ole tips and oddities we’ve encountered in the field.

Tips for Growing Your Inspection Business

Do's and Don't's
Cbi tips for growing your inspection business

Whether you’re new to the game or you’re looking to grow your inspection business, there are some seriously great opportunities a lot of home inspectors miss when it comes to networking. Unfortunately, your friends ...

Need A Building Inspection? Why You Should Hire A Pro

Do's and Don't's
Cbi need a building inspection why you should hire

Landlords and building managers have a huge responsibility to ensure their property is in tip-top shape and is safe for tenants, visitors, etc. There are some common and expected issues like watermarks or cracked ...

Common Building Materials Containing Asbestos

Do's and Don't's
Cbi common building materials with asbestos

When investing in a property, you’re likely focused more on the potential of making money rather than your health and wellbeing. But a property can absolutely have an impact on our wellness. You must consider ...

Find The Right Building Inspector

Do's and Don't's
Cbi find the right building inspector

When it comes to making your building look great, work well, and ensuring it’s performing optimally, you don’t want to leave the task to just anybody. You wouldn’t hire just anyone to service your AC or paint your ...

Attract More Customers With Marketing Videos

Do's and Don't's
Cbi attract more customers with marketing videos

We’re living in the Digital Age, and if you want to grow your home inspection business, you have more resources than ever before to make it happen! With more and more consumers looking online for reviews, resources, ...

Inspectors: Provide A Successful Inspection in Winter

Do's and Don't's
Cbi inspectors provide a successful inspection in winter

Home inspectors — Just because the temperature dropped (a lot) doesn’t mean our work is done! If you’re from Chicago or anywhere with a similar climate, then you’re certainly accustomed to doing jobs in less than ...

Handling Difficult Home Inspection Clients

Do's and Don't's
Cbi handling difficult home inspection clients

As home inspectors, we face complicated issues around every corner — safety concerns, managing expectations, and sometimes the most unfortunate issue of them all, a complicated client. It doesn’t matter how many ...

Keep Your Home Warm With Winter HVAC Chores

Do's and Don't's
Cbi keep your home warm with winter hvac

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you’re off the hook from doing chores around the house. If you want to ensure your HVAC system is working properly all winter long, and that you don’t get caught with cold ...

Common HVAC Issues in Winter

Do's and Don't's
Cbi common HVAC issues in winter

After being out and about in the Chicago cold all day long, the best feeling is coming home to a warm and cozy space. However, there are a few common issues that may affect your HVAC system in the winter and ...

Protect Your Roof This and Every Winter

Do's and Don't's
Cbi protect your roof this and every winter

Unfortunately, there has been a long-standing feud between Chicago winters and roofs; the two just don’t work well together. Snow, ice, freezing, and thawing can and will all take a toll on your Chicago area roof ...

Is Your Home Ready for A Chicago Winter?

Do's and Don't's
Cbi is your home ready for winter weather

Can you feel it? The crisp Chicago air creeping in, stronger winds, and before you know it we’ll be digging our cars out of snow and trying to figure out how we can save ourselves (and our homes) from the beautiful ...

Stuck Indoors? Keep Your Home Fresh in Winter

Do's and Don't's
Cbi stuck indoors keep home fresh

Chicago weather is unlike anywhere else, but we can all agree that as the winter weather comes upon us, most of us are locking our windows shut for the foreseeable future. Closing our doors and windows is our first ...

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