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Cbi protect your roof this and every winter

Unfortunately, there has been a long-standing feud between Chicago winters and roofs; the two just don’t work well together. Snow, ice, freezing, and thawing can and will all take a toll on your Chicago area roof this winter. And if not adequately addressed, it could mean a high repair bill for you.

Protect your roof and home from fluctuating temperatures and the buildup of snow and ice by watching out for these winter issues.

Three Common Problems for Your Roof in Winter

Prevention is key in preserving the structural integrity of your home. By looking out for these three potential issues throughout the winter, you could save yourself and your property from excessive repair costs as well as keep yourself and those who visit your property safe.

1. Attic Condensation

There are a few issues that can cause this to happen.

First, if your attic is not properly insulated, it will allow cold air in.

Second, if you don’t have good ventilation, then moisture will build up in your home.

This will overwork your HVAC system while leading to worse conditions like mold growth, small leaks, or even problems with your drywall.

2. Icicles

This issue is certainly dangerous to much more than just your home, so proceed with caution and consider getting a professional to remove any icicles.

While they are dangerous to people and pets, icicles, when too heavy, can actually put extra stress on your roof and cause damage. Prevent icicles from forming by regularly cleaning out your gutters and removing snow from your roof and gutters.

3. Trees

Every homeowner loves their trees because they add a lot of beauty and value to your property. But they also become a risk as the temperature drops.

Trim back any tree branches that come within 6 feet of your roof. This will prevent damage from any falling limbs as well as deter critters from making it across your roof for spring nesting.

It’s important to note that icicles and trees may require professional attention. They are both areas that require a specialized and trained approach to maintain safely.

Don’t put yourself or others in danger by trying to handle these issues without the proper resources. Each of these issues could be catastrophic and extremely expensive to address the longer you put it off. Protect your roof this winter by implementing a few maintenance chores and regular monitoring of your roof and its state throughout the season.

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If you’re worried your roof may not be able to stand up against the Chicago winter, give us a call and we can help you adequately prepare for what’s to come.

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