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We provide a broad range of building inspection and consulting services—
specializing in diagnosing difficult performance and moisture issues.

Icon Services Home

Condos, Single-Family and Multi-Family Homes

We do more than tell you what’s “wrong” with your home. We will help you understand how your home will perform in the years to come.

Icon Services Commercial

Commercial Buildings and Warehouses

We provide expert-level building inspections from storefronts to tens of thousands of square feet, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Icon Estate Inspections

Estate Inspections

We can assemble a team of deeply experienced pros to make sure substantial properties can be covered in one visit versus the rigamarole of numerous site visits and annoyances to agents and owners.

Icon Services Moisture

Moisture Intrusion

We can identify moisture-related issues in roofs, masonry, windows/doors, foundations, split-face or concrete blocks.

Icon Services Energy

Energy Audits and Comfort Inspections / Surveys

We will help point out your home’s energy weaknesses and how to address them.

Services Icons Thermal

Thermal Imaging

We are certified through the nation’s leading thermal imaging education company, Snell Infrared, and have years of learning from the best technicians.

Icon Services Hvac

HVAC Inspections and Recommendations

We look to make sure your heating, ventilation, air conditioning and indoor air quality are healthy, safe and efficient.

Icon Services Condition

Property Condition Assessments

Before purchasing a property, we’ll assess the condition, needs and projected performance of your building.

Icon Services Association

Association Inspections

We can assist with everything from common area inspections and surveys to more detailed reserve study examinations, helping your HOA properly budget for what’s NEEDED versus wanted.

Icon Services Witness

Expert Witness or 3rd Party Inspection / Documentation

We are able to support our clients in litigation by giving the facts based upon our professional expertise in building inspection.

Icon Services Radon

Radon Testing

We can detect radon, a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas detrimental to your indoor air quality and health, and keep your building safe.

Icon Services Construction

Construction Consulting

We’ll help ensure your new project moves smoothly and you’re getting what you paid for.

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