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Why Go With CBI

We work harder, study longer, dig deeper and do everything we can to protect and educate our clients about the buildings they are buying or currently own.

There are dozens of outfits that are less expensive than us, it's the nature of the inspection business competing for the lion’s share of residential transactions. We’ve been separating ourselves by continually providing excellent inspection findings, timely and continual support, and never backing down from the tough projects that other firms can't fulfill. When it gets dirty, call the company that many of Chicago’s top builders, architects, agents and attorneys call—CBI.

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Thorough, Easy-to-Understand Reports

Not all inspectors or inspection reports are the same.

We recommend potential clients survey local inspection groups and their sample reports to get a feel for their reporting style and level of detail. Now, take a look at CBI reports. We provide a myriad of sample images, links, PDFs, videos and best practices to help you understand how your building will perform. We’re committed to industry best practices and constantly update our reports with newer techniques and images.

Our reports are designed to prioritize the most important items upfront, including estimates*, so you can prepare for important repairs versus maintenance or “can wait” items. We put ourselves in your shoes and make recommendations based off of our experience, personal and professional. We often include videos as well because seeing something in real-time is often the best way to understand the defect.

You’re entrusting us with an incredibly important role and we believe helping you understand major issues from minor issues is part of the inspector’s duty. Many deals die from ‘report overload’ where a mere phone call or 5–10 minute discussion about the home or property could have helped someone better understand the report findings and make a more informed decision. A property with dozens of deficient items might be a better buy than one with just a couple significant, expensive defects.

Sample Reports

Estimates are based on our experience. The competency of the contractor and scope of work will ultimately determine the final cost. Consumers should always prepare for contingency costs and concealed or latent damage once work begins.

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Extensive, Diverse Experience

Our professional staff has not only walked the walk in the real world of construction and architecture—we’ve seen it from the shadowed underbelly and often times it isn’t pretty.

You’re not hiring someone to cheerlead. You’re hiring a team of professionals that is looking out for your best interests, so you can plan accordingly. Don’t second guess experience, it's the first metric in becoming a serious inspector.

By the Numbers

  • 250+
    Years of Experience
  • 15k+
    Inspections Performed
  • 10
    Inspectors on Staff
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Happy Clients

Our clients hire us because they are looking for a through, honest inspection.

We pride ourselves in leaving no stone unturned, even if that means we aren’t always full of great news. That’s why our clients continue to hire us again and again. Don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our past clients have to say about what it's like to work with us.

What They’re Sayin’

Ross surpassed my expectations for a home inspector. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable but he is also a very friendly personable guy. He is punctual and very easy to talk to. During my first inspection Ross was very honest and told me the unit needed over 150k in work. Given this valuable information, I walked away from a potentially costly investment. I respect his integrity and will definitely continue to use him in the future.

Dev Patel, CEO

Morgan thoroughly checked every nook of our home. He sent a VERY detailed report with photos, comments, and possibilities for correction issues. Because he was so thorough, we felt a bit overwhelmed. We asked if he could let us know what was important. He sent a check-list (of sorts) of what he felt were major concerns. This made it all very clear. He even told us when we get started on some of the basement remodel to call if we had any questions. Absolutely the best man for the job, EVER!"

Redfin ★★★★★

Thanks for your amazingly detailed and comprehensive report. Hopefully, it will make us safer and happier in our new home. I will definitely recommend you and your company to others, if needed.

Nancy B.

CBI is very knowledgeable about all things for your home. I hired him 3 times for home inspections and each time he gave me great results and the straight truth. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a home have CBI take a look at it.

Roshan Soni, Consultant

Morgan was extremely thorough. As a very detail-oriented person, I appreciated this. I think some could say his report points out too many things that aren't critical, but I'd rather have all the information and then decide what to worry about and what not to.

Redfin ★★★★★

I have worked with Andrew Danner on over a dozen residential and commercial building inspections and will continue to call on him for all of my inspection requirements. Andrew is thorough and detailed, and focuses on the relevant issues that are essential to understanding the assets I am acquiring. He never misses a detail. Andrew’s reports are well documented with photos and clearly labeled call-outs. His documentation provides the facts necessary for further price negotiations and a reliable roadmap for making future repairs.

Mark Falanga, CEO, VentureMark, Inc.

These guys are pros. With over 20 years in construction of both residential and large commercial projects, I know may way around the house, but Ross and his team are truly experts. They act as advocates for you and do a very thorough job. We have used them twice and each time we left impressed and very glad they were on our team. From one construction professional to another, thank you Chicago Building Inspections.

Redfin ★★★★★

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