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Making sure that prospective home owners, investors, builders and associations fully understand the condition of their current property or what might soon be called home is, quite simply, our goal.

Company Overview

Chicago Building Inspections (CBI) was founded in 2015 but has a deep background in all things real estate. We’ve been providing expert-level building inspections since 2008 – earning a solid reputation as one of the most thorough in Chicagoland. We have extensive experience with the rigors of running both single and multi-inspector firms and have a substantial quantity of recommendations on many social media outlets around the web.

CBI inspectors are not tire-kickers; we are extremely thorough, efficient, and fair. We have over 200 yrs of collective experience and much of that is deep in the trenches. Our fees reflect the effort it takes to stay on top of the ever-changing world of construction materials and methods of installing them. It is a rare week when we’re not in communication with trusted tradespeople to get a better understanding of something new we’ve seen or want to investigate further.

We have inspected thousands of buildings and units over the past decade and uncovered volumes full of building practices we wish we’d never seen. However, that’s what has helped motivate us to become tenacious inspectors, looking for what others may not even know is missing. Having passed the gauntlet of energy auditing and surveys via RESNET and BPI, extensive HVAC and thermal imaging training, and countless moisture intrusion inspections and investigations, we are prepared to help you understand what lies ahead.

CBI inspectors are not a tire-kickers; we are
extremely thorough, efficient, and fair.

Our Team

We’ve assembled one of the sharpest groups of inspectors in our area, bar none. From significant residential development complexes that were once a cornfield up to the high rise condo building a stone’s throw from the Hancock, we’ve seen just about all there is in our respective fields. Having a licensed architect and engineer on staff only bolsters our confidence in helping clients receive the best and most pertinent information we can uncover.

  • Team Ross Neag

    Ross Neag

    Founder / Inspector

    Solid home inspectors usually become so by accident and Ross is no different. His journey started in the late 90’s working for a master carpenter and skilled general contractor in South Carolina before returning to Chicago in 1999. Since that time, he's renovated nearly 20 homes before helping build his own in 2005.

    Along the way, he's completed curricula through RESNET, Building Performance Institute, and National Comfort Institute (HVAC); become a Level 1 Thermographer, a HAAG certified residential and commercial roof consultant, DCW Engineering commercial inspector, Roof Consultants Institute, voting member of the American Society for Testing & Materials, and a panelist for Chicago Bungalow Association; appeared on the Science Channel's Strip the City, WBBM Radio, and WGN News; and given numerous moisture intrusion presentations locally. He's performed over 5,000 inspections since 2007.

  • Team Andrew Danner

    Andrew Danner

    Managing Partner

    Andrew's career in the real estate industry began in the 80′s while managing construction, sales and leasing of condominiums and apartments in the Madison, Wisconsin area. After moving to Illinois in 1994, he progressed through the ranks at a mid-sized, Chicago area development company ultimately managing land development, construction management, sales and service of single and multi-family homes in communities throughout the area.

    He has participated in thousands of home inspections, walk-throughs, and customer service inspections on both sides of the equation, and has also developed custom homes through his own company in the North suburbs of Deerfield and Lake Forest, as well as numerous condominium remodeling projects in Chicago high-rise buildings. He currently sits as a condominium association board member of a 131 unit Chicago high-rise building in the Streeterville neighborhood helping provide a well-rounded perspective in client relations.

    Andrew's emphasis in customer relations and satisfaction is through a hands-on and unwavering dedication to client success.

  • Team Morgan Hughes

    Morgan Hughes

    Field Supervisor / Inspector

    Morgan has been in the home construction, building and real estate industry for 17 years. He has a broad base of knowledge ranging from frame carpentry to the building and design of new construction, as well as the renovation of older homes.

    Since 2013, he has focused his expertise to the field of home inspection. In that time, he has performed well over 1,500 home inspections and continues to be highly demanded.

    Morgan has a reputation of professionalism, diligence, and attention to detail and is highly respected among his colleagues, clients and other real estate professionals. He is dedicated to providing each and every client with the information they need when making such an important personal and financial investment.

  • Team Bill Bruckner

    Bill Bruckner


    As the son of a third-generation Chicago construction contractor, Bill was born and raised in construction. He started his career with his first part time construction job at the age of 12, cleaning equipment and loading trucks. Bill eventually became a fourth generation contractor himself as the owner/operator of a custom kitchen, bath, design and remodeling business, and a licensed Chicago general contractor. During this time, he worked on a wide variety of residential and commercial projects, including: single-family homes, home additions, multi-unit rentals, offices, storefronts, and restaurants; and, attained practical knowledge of all major structural systems: roof, foundation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and ancillary systems and finishes.

    Remodeling and rehabbing residential properties eventually lead Bill to earn an Illinois real estate broker's license in 2000. Working as a professional realtor, Bill witnessed, first hand, the absolute necessity for knowledgeable home inspectors who could truly advocate for real estate buyers. In 2011, Bill melded these two fields together earning an Illinois home inspector license.

    Bill prides himself on quality work and customer satisfaction. As the father of four, Bill understands the value of the peace of mind knowing your new home is safe and healthy.

  • CBI Team Member

    Dave Chojnowski

    Engineer / Inspector

    Over the past 20 years, Dave has worked in a variety of laboratory, research, manufacturing, and engineering facilities, and has a broad set of skills and hands-on experience. Growing up in a family that owned a construction company lead to a life-long passion for understanding everything about buildings.

    During his high school years, he worked on construction sites on weekends and after school, learning electrical, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, roofing, and everything else in between. After completing both a Bachelors of Science and a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Dave started his professional career working as a project engineer at Caterpillar. From there, he moved on to a scientific appointment at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This was followed by a Senior Research Engineer/Director position at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

    A keen student of all things masonry, Dave can often be found maintaining or renovating one of his rental properties in the city of Chicago. He is a licensed home inspector in the State of Illinois, and his broad skillset and wealth of knowledge across many industries make him a valued member of the CBI Team.

  • Team Robert Clemens

    Robert Clemens


    Like much of our Team, Bob brings a variety of experience to home inspection. Having started in building maintenance at a very young age, Bob moved into law enforcement. After more than 30 gratifying years in that field, he has decided to focus on helping clients understand the complexities of their homes more comprehensively.

    Happy to bring all the varied characteristics of his career into play, his goal is to make clients aware of the many mechanical, and sometimes technical aspects of home ownership. Ultimately, Bob wants to provide them with long-term satisfaction with their purchase.

  • Team Isac Enriquez

    Isac Enriquez

    Inspector / Licensed FAA Drone Operator

    Isac transitioned into the home inspection field in 2013 and has performed well over a 1,000 inspections since. He has developed a reputation for being professional, insightful, detailed and approachable. To inform and educate the client in the best possible way is his goal each and every time. Always happy to help, Isac is easy to reach and excited to inspect.

    Isac is bi-lingual in Spanish, has construction experience and a degree in art education. These skills and knowledge allow him to help clarify issues or concerns on various levels and languages suited to the client’s needs.

    Always an inquisitive mind and community participant, Isac has received various awards and accolades for his work in the community and art education. Ranging from such honors as a Fulbright Scholarship, being a Kathryn Wasserman Projects for Peace recipient, and various others.

  • Team Molly Hughes

    Molly Hughes

    Office Manager

    Molly is the office manager for CBI. After 10 years of being at home and managing a family, as well as starting and growing a personal chef and catering business, she went back to work in the title insurance industry. After two years in that field, she came on board with CBI to manage the daily office needs of the growing company.

    Molly loves to work with the variety of clients that CBI serves – first time buyers to experienced owners who have purchased many times before. She has a love for real estate, client service and satisfaction, and is happy to marry the two in her role with CBI.

  • Team Christi Malone

    Christi Malone

    Inspector / Licensed Architect

    Christi has over 25 years experience in architecture and construction, and has developed a keen awareness of residential systems over the years. After graduating from Arizona State University in 1996 with a Master of Architecture degree, Christi worked on a variety of residential, commercial, and educational projects. She has consulted professionally, lectured at the university level, and was a partner in an award-winning architecture firm in New Mexico.

    Christi has been inspecting in Chicagoland for over five years, combining her extensive experience in residential architecture, construction and inspecting to provide the highest level of quality home inspection and analysis. She is a licensed architect and a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) specializing in issues of environmental health and sustainability. She is a member of ASHI and InterNachi home inspection organizations.

    As a mother of two, her goal has always been to dramatically improve the health and safety of the home, work, and school environments. Christi enjoys running, camping, hiking, and cooking with her family in the western suburbs.

  • Team Robert Munguia

    Robert Munguia

    Inspector / Licensed Architect

    Robert has over 26 years of extensive experience in Architecture, specializing in commercial interior projects. He worked on projects in sectors such as corporate, medical and dental, banking, retail, manufacturing, and warehousing, both nationally and internationally. He has participated in Malcomb Baldridge National Quality Award and Iso 900 Initiatives and was a member of the Construction Specification Institute with certifications as a Construction Document Technologist and Certified Construction Contract Administrator. He currently maintains his license as an architect in the State of Illinois.

    Robert is a native resident of Chicago and since 2008 he has focused his efforts in the residential sector both architecturally and in the home inspection industry. He is a passionate practitioner and is committed to performing inspections that will provide relevant information to assist the home purchaser in making an informed decision regarding one of the most important purchases one can make in a lifetime.

    He enjoys spending time with family and friends and truly believes in serving others. Helping clients obtain a home is what gives Robert complete job satisfaction.

  • Team Ken Whitelaw

    Ken Whitelaw

    Inspector / Licensed FAA Drone Operator

    Ken grew up on a horse farm where there was always something to maintain or fix to keep things running smoothly. At a relatively young age, he developed a knack for taking things apart and figuring out what was wrong with them. This lead to an interest in home renovation in his mid-twenties, and he eventually turned a part-time handyman side hustle into his own handyman services company. Over the years, his services consistently won awards for exceptional quality.

    Eight years ago, at the insistence of a client, Ken got his home inspector's license. Over that time, he has performed around 1,700 inspections. He focuses on providing clients with knowledge they can use to make an informed decision about one of the largest purchases they'll every make—their home. He's thorough, unbiased and not some Chicken Little who thinks that every minor defect is a 'sky is falling' scenario.

    What you'll receive from Ken, and all of CBI's inspectors, is an inspection and report designed to help you with your decision. He prides himself on always being available to help clients review the report and answer any questions (no matter how difficult) that might come up.

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We are a small and local business and believe in supporting organizations that are not only important to us, but also make a big difference in the lives of others.

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