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We believe you get what you pay for. We offer competitive, flexible pricing that takes into account the size and complexity of your project. When you request an inspection, we will follow up to confirm pricing and final details.

Pricing Information


Condos- Low-rise, Mid & High-rise

Condo prices vary greatly but a small studio starts at $495 and larger duplex or square footage units run $750 and up

Our low-rise pricing is higher because we look at the exterior and roof of almost every low-rise condo, not just 'paint to paint' on the inside. Mid and high-rise building exteriors and roofs are excluded as they are outside the scope of residential inspections.

Single-Family, a traditional Home Inspection

Smaller single family homes start around $695 and luxury homes can easily top $1500 or more; pricing based on square footage, complexity, age, # of HVAC units or systems, etc. We often send two inspectors or more to move things along on larger homes.

Exterior, roof, foundation, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, garage, windows, doors, insulation, interiors.

Estate Inspection Service

Please call regarding pricing as each 'estate' will vary regarding services needed.

Larger homes and estates require more people, period. We can assemble as many as 10-15 inspectors and contractors for complex properties with multiple disciplines and complete in ONE DAY. This GREATLY cuts down on the annoyance and aggravation of multiple visits to a property.

Multi-Family, 2 Flat, 3 Flat etc; Larger Apartment Buildings

A simple boiler type 2 flat starts at $795; larger multi-fams (10+ and up) or buildings with condo-like finishes or individual HVAC require more info before pricing. A tricked out 3 flat inspects the same as three individual condos!

From traditional 2 and 3 flats to buildings with dozens of units, we have the team to meet the demand.

Townhome / Attached Single Family

Townhomes (some call them duplexes) range from $650 and up and are based on size and number of bedrooms, baths and systems.

Exterior, roof, foundation, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, garage, windows, doors, insulation, interiors.


Please contact us for proper quote, as commercial buildings range greatly in size and scope. Typically starts at $995.

Offices, warehouses, light industrial, mixed-use.


Moisture Intrusion

Please contact us to discuss any specific issues for pricing options.

Moisture Intrusion inspections run from the simple roof leak up to serious masonry/roof investigations with multiple trips and reports.


The base fee for Radon Testing is $295 including up to 2 additional monitors. Properties requiring more than 3 monitors may be subject to an additional monitor fee of $75 each.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that comes from the breakdown and decay of uranium in soil, rock and water. It is easy to test for but you can't see, smell or taste it. It's all over Chicago and the second leading cause of lung cancer that is known. If elevated levels are found it's easy to mitigate and typically a seller's expense.

Sewer Scoping

Sewer scopes start at $395 and can go up for multiple locations or larger apartment or commercial buildings.

Fiber optic viewing of sewer line to determine its visible condition and if any serious repairs are needed. We've even found serious issues in new construction...its cheap insurance against what we can't see.

Construction Progress, Expert Witness, Construction Consulting

Please contact us to discuss your particular project.

We can make pit stops during construction to make sure things are going as planned and help prevent big mistakes from occurring. Expert Witness, Consulting, Quality Assurance (new construction phased inspections, remodeling, project milestones).

Thermal Imaging

Please contact us to discuss your particular project.

All of our inspectors carry and use thermal imaging on their inspections. We can also do stand alone thermal imaging inspections, locate water leak locations, predictive maintenance, insulation performance and new install quality assurance, etc. when requested.

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