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Property Condition Assessments & Reserve Studies

We help HOAs understand their building’s condition and how best to prioritize capital expenses. We can assist with everything from Common Area inspections and surveys to more detailed Reserve Study examinations, helping your HOA properly budget for what’s NEEDED versus wanted.

Chicago has an enormous variety of multi-family buildings ranging from the 19th century to the most modern amenity building. Even so, they all require maintenance and some, certainly, more than others. We approach every building the same way: what do you need to do first and when?

Sadly, many younger HOAs are not financially equipped to handle even a small emergency because they’ve kept HOA fees or assessments low and have had high turnover of owners. We will give it to you straight and help you understand the most urgent and needed repairs and what can sit idle for a little while.

Property Condition Assessments (PCA), or Common Area inspections as they are commonly called, include a deeply thorough examination of your building and components.

Now, take the PCA / Common Area Inspection and give it a shot of adrenaline — that’s a Reserve Study. Not only will you get a deeply thorough examination of your building and components, but we then prepare a 20-year forecast to help you budget for the now, the next, and the future. Ironically, in Illinois, it’s actually the law for HOAs to have financial responsibility with respect to their building’s needs and financial obligations. We’re here to help you stop guessing and start planning.

Sample report reserve study financials

Sample Reserve Study Cost Estimates

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