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Inspectors: Provide A Successful Inspection in Winter

Do's and Don't's 01.30.2019
Cbi inspectors provide a successful inspection in winter

Home inspectors — Just because the temperature dropped (a lot) doesn’t mean our work is done! If you’re from Chicago or anywhere with a similar climate, then you’re certainly accustomed to doing jobs in less than favorable conditions.

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Today we want to go over some helpful tips for how to execute a seamless home or building inspection in the winter.

Four Tips on Great Home Inspections During Winter

Our goal as inspectors is to prioritize safety and efficiency while identifying any potential problem areas. Here are some steps for achieving this goal during the winter season.

1. Communicate with Clients

The first step in prepping for a stellar inspection is to communicate certain concerns and expectations to clients beforehand. Ask clients (when possible) to have gutters and downspouts clean and clear of any debris, to remove any ice dams or icicles around the property, and to make areas around the home accessible (keeping doors clear, blockages off of vents, etc.).

2. Invest in Quality Clothes

You can’t perform your best job if you’re wet, cold, sick, or uncomfortable.

Make sure you have a pair of sturdy and weather appropriate boots, you’re wearing thermals under your clothes, and thermal socks. Take extra caution when choosing boots as you don’t want anything without traction or that may be too bulky to allow you to safely climb ladders.

3. Pack Special Equipment

While you would hope that your clients have snow shovels, plows, and snow blowers, you should always prepare for the worst. Don’t get caught at an inspection in the winter without these items in your vehicle. This way you are ready to get to work upon arrival rather than waiting for someone to locate this equipment.

4. Proper Gloves

This is crucial because you obviously use your hands all day long. You need to find a pair that are insulated, fit correctly, and won’t make it hard for you to climb or cause you to drop things.

Make the Most Out of a Slower Season

So maybe you don’t schedule too many inspections during the winter month? Don’t worry!

Take advantage of this time to sharpen your skillset, learn a new thing or two, and even build connections with new clients! Here are some ways to make the most out of your down time during the winter.

Diversify Skills

Not booking as many inspections as you’d like?

Look to diversify your skills and expand your services. Look for special trainings and certifications or offer other services like an energy audit or maintenance inspections.


Have you been dying to try out that new infrared camera? Give it a few test runs so that when a heavier inspection season comes around you are completely in control and know exactly what you’re doing.

Make Connections

Head to conferences and networking events to connect with other inspectors. Perhaps you’ll find a veteran inspector who can answer your questions or help you with any problems. You could also reach out to past clients and ask for referrals.

We hope these tips will help you to find the perfect balance when it comes to providing great service and keeping yourself safe. Want to learn more about home inspections and why we cater to over 1,000 clients annually?

Check out our blog for the latest news, tips, and technologies in all things inspection related.

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