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Need A Building Inspection? Why You Should Hire A Pro

Do's and Don't's 02.28.2019
Cbi need a building inspection why you should hire

Landlords and building managers have a huge responsibility to ensure their property is in tip-top shape and is safe for tenants, visitors, etc. There are some common and expected issues like watermarks or cracked floors that any inspector would surely notice. But there are even more dangerous items that an untrained eye would never look for.

Want to ensure your property is safe and avoid paying thousands, or more, in maintenance and repairs? Then investing in an experienced building inspector is the best first step.

Still on the fence? Here are a few reasons to convince you.

Protect Your Property by Hiring a Pro

Not all building defects are obvious, to the naked eye nor to the untrained eye. Using a non-expert inspection service can put you at risk for liability and future hazardous conditions.

Here are three common and very dangerous defects that untrained inspectors may miss.

1. Concealed Electrical Problems

When choosing a building inspector you must inquire about the type of inspection performed. For example, is it only visible?

If so, your inspector can’t possibly identify serious electrical issues like a malfunctioning heating system, cracked HVAC equipment, a failing pump sump, and much more!

Visual inspections will only note things like exposed wires or clearly damaged equipment.

2. Difficult to Reach Areas

Some inspectors may deem certain areas as unobservable and doing so puts you at a great disadvantage.

You want an inspector to cover all the bases like walking on the roof, checking the crawlspace, and the attic, among many other areas.

While they may be difficult to get to they are hot spots for red flags, and leaving them out of an inspection is irresponsible.

It’s important to note that you should make your entire property as accessible as possible prior to any inspection. So clean up, remove any large blockages, and ensure the inspector has keys to all necessary areas.

3. Noting Age of Appliances

While not a crucial aspect of an inspection, it is helpful and an experienced inspector will recognize the value of this. Unfortunately, appliances aren’t meant to last forever and having an idea of their life expectancy can help you prepare budget-wise.

How old is your HVAC system?

What about cooking equipment, washing machines?

Talk to your inspector about the state of any appliance you have on your property so you can get a better idea of any potential costs in replacement.

As a property manager or building owner, it’s your duty to ensure the property is in good working order and safe for visitors. Make sure you do your due diligence by hiring a professional.

Why Choose CBI

Our team of nine inspectors has a combined 150+ years of experience and has inspected over 10,000 properties. We care about your property as much as you do, and above all the safety of our clients.

You can learn more about our services here and when you’re ready, request an inspection today using our easy online scheduling tool!

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