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Cbi common HVAC issues in winter

After being out and about in the Chicago cold all day long, the best feeling is coming home to a warm and cozy space. However, there are a few common issues that may affect your HVAC system in the winter and ultimately make it difficult to warm up.

Want to avoid any mishaps this winter and keep the cold outside of your home? Remain aware of the most typical winter issues with an HVAC system. Read on to learn more!

Six Common Winter Heating Problems

Your furnace will be your best friend and even a life-saver in the harsh and windy Chicago winter. Keep these problems in mind so you don’t get left out in the cold!

1. Overcycling

Your furnace is constantly cycling, which is how it saves energy and maintains the proper temperature inside your home.

However, if there are problems with your thermostat or your air filters are clogged, then it can cycle too much and either make your home too hot, not hot enough, or lead to irreversible damage.

2. Frozen Pipes

This will come as a surprise to no Chicagoan, your pipes and coils are at risk of freezing. Frozen water and freezing temperatures can halt your hot water heater or steam radiators and even cause excess pressure that causes pipes to burst.

3. Heat Loss

Periodically homeowners may notice a sudden lack of heat, this is a sign that your heat pump has been affected by weather, an issue with your compressor, or even a leak in the air duct.

In addition, if you notice inconsistent heating in rooms around your house, the problem could actually be with insulation.

4. Restricted Airflow

To keep your home comfortable, you’re likely running your heating pretty often. That’s fine, but this extra use can actually collect more dust and debris than normal and lead to a blockage in your vents and air ducts.

5. Faulty Pilot Light

Dirty or damaged flame sensors may affect the operability of your pilot light and cause your home to have uncomfortable temperatures.

6. Strange Sounds

Like all machines with moving pieces, your furnace will make a bit of noise, but anything above a normal hum (like a banging, cracking, popping, or rattling) is cause for concern.

The reasons for this could be many, a faulty part, a leak, a clogged filter, but whatever the case your HVAC system won’t operate fully.

HVAC issues will arise in the winter and for any number of reasons, but it’s always best to keep a close eye on your HVAC system and practice regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure a long-lasting and fully functioning system.

For more great tips on protecting your home this winter, check out this recent post!

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