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Cbi stuck indoors keep home fresh

Chicago weather is unlike anywhere else, but we can all agree that as the winter weather comes upon us, most of us are locking our windows shut for the foreseeable future. Closing our doors and windows is our first defense against the cold.

But, after so much time inside and a lack of fresh airflow, our home can start to feel stuffy and stale.

We’ve got a few tips for keeping your home fresh throughout the winter.

Eight Tips for Keeping Your Home Fresh This Winter

Sure, we appreciate a warm home, but as you’re spending a lot more time inside, don’t you want to make sure it’s healthy, clean, and fresh all season long?

1. Deep Clean

With the holidays quickly approaching you will likely be expecting guests in and out of the house, so here’s the perfect excuse to get a good deep clean in.

After the deep clean be sure to regularly vacuum, dust, and use natural cleaners made out of vinegar and baking soda to keep everything fresh and contaminants like pet dander and dust away.

2. Change Air Filters

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but important. Set a reminder to check your air filter every few weeks and either clean or replace as needed.

3. Let In Fresh Air

This may seem contradictory to keeping a warm and comfy home, but opening your windows for at least 5 minutes a day can help improve air circulation and decrease pollutants that come from air fresheners, cleaning products, and more.

4. Reduce Dryness

Time to pull out the humidifiers!

Bonus because this will also help keep moisture in your skin, aid anyone with frequent coughs, and help your houseplants thrive. Consider placing them in regularly used spaces like bedrooms and the living room.

5. Keep Out Wet Coats and Boots

Residual dampness will instantly stink up your home and muddy the air quality.

Choose a spot (in the garage maybe) to store your snow boots and winter coat and consider throwing them in the dryer to make sure they are drying quickly.

6. Tend to Washable Fabrics

Take a lap around the house and pick up things you don’t normally wash (but can be washed).

For example, grab curtains, pillow covers, and throw blankets and give them a run through the washing machine. Say hello to that fresh laundry smell!

7. Get Your Chimney Checked

Try to get your chimney checked as early as possible and schedule a professional cleaning. This will ensure that everything is running smoothly and operating at maximum function when it’s time to use.

8. Buy a Diffuser

Placing a diffuser with essential oils in your home can help keep a fresh, clean, and soothing smell circulating throughout common spaces. Choose oils like Eucalyptus or Lavender for the full effect.

We hope you’ll utilize these tips to keep your home and family happy and healthy all winter long. If you haven’t scheduled your annual inspection yet, don’t waste any more time! Use our easy online scheduling tool to book yours now.

Let our team of professionals put your mind at ease and ensure your home is in great shape!

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