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Why You Should Book an Inspection Before the Final Walk-Through

Do's and Don't's 01.18.2018
Cbi home buying inspection tips

Are you about to purchase a new or existing home? Getting to know your new home in greater detail will prepare you for the final walk-through. The more you know, the greater likelihood of detecting and solving problems that can be fixed before you move.

Whether you’re buying an existing or brand new home, don’t pass up the chance to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. New construction isn’t perfect and we consistently help Buyers and Builders fix issues that we uncover. New doesn’t alleviate the need for review.

Buyers who waive their right to a home inspection may face costly repairs and expenses down the road. Without a home inspection you are basically buying the home “as is”, flaws and all.

Buyers lose the chance to ask the seller to make repairs or shed light on existing problems, even if the seller is aware of them.

After the sale, the new homeowner assumes all responsibility, including problem areas that may have not been immediately visible prior to selling.

Your pre-purchase inspection may look different depending on the nature of your home or building. Consider your goals and concerns, and also what will give you peace of mind.

A great inspection group will offer a wide variety of services, and can customize the inspection based on your needs. Ask us about our wide range of service.

Move into your new home with confidence — check out these tips below.

4 Tips for the Pre-Purchase Inspection

Take your time

Don’t rush the process.Hire high quality inspectors who know what they’re doing. A few more dollars upfront may prove an incredibly wise move.

Give 3–7 days before your closing date.

Schedule your walk-through wisely. Anticipate a few days between the final walk-through and closing date for last minute repairs to be resolved.

Stand your ground

If something’s not right, insist on it being fixed. Don’t settle for a home that you’re not comfortable with before moving. Better to speak now or forever hold your peace.

Homebuyers should never forgo their right to a pre-purchase inspection.

According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, nearly 90% of homeowners experience increased confidence in their property after an inspection.

Don’t take the risk. Book an appointment and discover why we are Chicago’s preferred inspection group.

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