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Cbi termites

Many homeowners don’t realize they have unwanted guests in their home, maybe hundreds or even thousands, at any given time. Living in your foundation, windows, and door frames for years without being noticed. We’re talking about termites.

When it comes to termites, every home is a target. Across the U.S., termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damages annually.

If you don’t want to become the next victim to termite damage, you’ll need to know what to look for so you can catch it early. Doing so will allow you to avoid expensive repairs to your home and property, as well as curb any current damage.

Termites can attack at any time of the year, so they don’t stick to a particular season. They can live undetected for years and finding them can be difficult; which is why we’ll help you learn what to keep an eye on.

Keep Your Home Safe From Termites

1. Floor Damage

While termites are known for wreaking havoc on wood, they can also damage laminate floors. With this in mind you, should keep an eye out for excessive blistering, sagging, spongy, or even springy spots on your floor.

If you do find an area of your floor is damaged, remove the entire floorboard to check.

2. Wall Damage

Termites love the cellulose found in timber, making your walls especially attractive to these pesky visitors. Observe your walls for any unexplained cracks, this could be a sign of a forming termite colony.

3. Ceiling Damage

It’s quite common to find termites up above, thanks to the multiple wooden structures in your ceilings such as beams, rafters, and your attic. Looking for unexplained cracks in the ceiling, corners, or molding is the best way to monitor for termites here.

4. Garden Damage

Have a porch, deck, swing, wooden posts, or a fence?

All of these lovely additions to your property are also at risk for termite damage. Using the same methods listed above. So checking for cracks, spongy, spring, or blistering surfaces, and signs of decay can help keep these areas safe.

If you have a wooden porch or deck, it is crucial you do routine checks as untreated termite damage can lead to larger and more dangerous problems, like collapse.

5. Sticking Doors and Windows

Termites love doors and frames, leaving behind tiny tunnels that can eventually affect how the doors function. They will become difficult to open and they’ll stick more often.

6. Swarmers

When warmer weather rolls around, so will nasty little flying insects known as “swarmers”. These are the product of termite colonies. These insects can be seen during the day and hovering near your windows before leaving their wings behind.

7. Frass

AKA termite droppings, frass is the clearest sign of a colony presence. These aren’t a direct threat to your home, although they are a dangerous sign that termites are there and thriving. Frass is powdery and can be mistaken for sawdust.

Routine checkups for small changes in your home can help prevent prolonged and untreated termite damage. Remember that early detection is your best friend in tackling a termite problem!

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