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Four Chores Every Homeowner Should Do This Fall

Do's and Don't's 11.09.2018
Cbi 4 Chores Every Homeowner Should Do This Fall

Halloween has passed, leaves are falling, and Christmas will be here before we know it! Adding a few fall chores to your to-do list can make the transition to winter that much easier AND protect your house as the weather changes.

In addition to ushering in colder seasons, it’s important to note that proper autumn maintenance is essential to avoiding any unwanted surprises or nasty problems come springtime.

Save yourself (and your bank account) from costly repairs, prevent damage, and keep your energy bill down by following our fall maintenance checklist.

Fall Cleaning for a Happy Home

1. Clean Gutters

Your gutters are important and neglecting them will cost you big time. Do your due diligence and regularly clean them out and keep an eye on them to make sure your home doesn’t fall victim to water damage.

2. Check Your Roof

After a long hot summer season and years of sun exposure, your roof may be warping, fading, or suffering other deformities.

Chicago gets heavy snow, and it piles on your roof, making it even more fragile.

Check out your roof now and make sure there are no cracks, chips, or splits now to save yourself trouble when the cold weather rolls in.

3. Review Weather Stripping

Want to protect your energy bill and stay warm?

Go around your house and make sure the caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors are intact. While important to check this at the beginning of the season, it’s also crucial that you regularly check throughout colder months as well.

4. Sweep Your Chimney

Blockages or a buildup of residue increase the changes of fire hazards as well as pose a safety risk. Get a professional chimney sweep before winter and ensure your chimney is clean and ready for winter use.

Each of these four tips are easy to add into to your weekend routine. Take your morning coffee with you as you walk around the house reviewing gutters or weather stripping.

Don’t have time? Call in the pros!

The team at Chicago Building Inspections can help put your mind at ease and ensure your home is ready for the winter. Schedule your inspection here.

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

While our tips above are certainly important, there are plenty of extra (and smaller) tasks, you can do to make sure your home is ready for winter.

Take a look at our checklist:

  • Store hoses and turn off outdoor water.
  • Seal cracks around doors and windows.
  • Get your furnace serviced.
  • Clean and stow your mower.
  • Care for trees and shrubs.
  • Make exterior repairs.
  • Conduct an energy audit.

Following these steps will help preserve your home and keep your loved ones comfortable as the temperatures drop. Putting in some effort now can help you in the future.

Whether you need an energy audit or a home inspection this fall (or any season), we’re here to help! Give us a call at 312-INSPECT to learn more and schedule your inspection today!

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