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Why Agents Need CBI

It’s really quite simple — your clients know when they are cared for and protected.

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A well informed future home owner enters ownership prepared and with a plan. Good inspections are a part of that process and that's what we provide.

No agent wants the stare-down or after effects of a low quality inspection that missed serious issues. It can stain your reputation and hurt your business and cost your clients monetarily and emotionally.

In a recent National Association Realtors survey, 93% of purchase contracts closed and 7% died. Of only deals that died, almost 40% were from financing. Ironically, just 9% of DEAD deals were from inspection related items. That's 9% of 7% or approximately 6/10 of 1% from inspections. Good, thorough inspectors are not the bad guys!

Avoid average. Trust Chicago Building Inspections to safeguard your reputation and gain future referrals from your protected and satisfied clients. We write clearly and make things easy to understand for all parties. We also don't get emotional about our findings. It’s all about what’s wrong, why it's wrong, and what to do about it.

Real thorough. But real.

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This is the best way to start the process, ensuring a text, email, or voicemail doesn’t get lost in today’s digital traffic. For more complex projects, feel free to contact us and we will respond quickly regarding your needs.

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