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Why Winter Is A Great Time for Home Inspections

Do's and Don't's 12.12.2018
Cbi why winter is a great time for home

Think you shouldn’t have a home inspection just because there’s some (or a lot of) snow and ice on the ground? Think again. In fact, it may even be a better time! Sure, there are some special considerations to prepare for and maybe some items you’ll want to have handy, but the truth is winter is a great time for a home inspection!

Read on to learn more about why we aren’t deterred by winter weather, even the brutal Chicago winter, and how to make things run smoothly should you schedule your inspection this season.

Winter Weather and Home Inspections

Real estate closings can come at any time, and they certainly won’t care what the weather is like outside. If you’re in the process of buying or selling a house, you don’t have to let winter weather put your life on hold.

Here are some of our top reasons for why doing a home inspection in the winter is a great idea.

1. Assess Home’s Strength

Extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures, heavy snowfall, or even ice will put stress on any property. Conducting an inspection in the winter allows our team to look at the HVAC system’s performance as well as the state of a home’s plumbing.

2. Detecting Drafts

It’s easier to detect drafts and poor insulation when it’s actually cold outside. By getting a professional to look when drafts and cold spots are obvious, you may be able to save yourself a pretty penny later on.

3. Integrity of Framing

All that snow and heavy ice will put a lot of extra weight and stress on the home’s framing and foundation. This gives us a chance to look at how strong the property actually is and if there are any foreseeable issues in the future.

While a winter home inspection may make some aspects more complicated, it’s important to recognize that every season affects homes differently. And winter allows inspectors to look at flaws and concerns that wouldn’t present themselves during other times of the year.

Preparing for Your Home Inspection in Winter

If you do decide to have a winter home inspection, here are a few tips for making sure things run smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Make the most of your time with a home inspector by following these guidelines:

  • Schedule the inspection early in the day when there’s guaranteed light.
  • Ensure access to as many areas as possible—remove icicles, ice dams, snow around doors and outside plumbing.
  • De-ice windows so they’re able to open and close.
  • Other pre-inspection prep tips such as removing clutter inside the home, preparing all relevant documents, and ensuring areas are well-lit also apply.

Following the tips mentioned above could ensure a successful inspection that will give you all the answers. Take your time beforehand so that you and your home are ready for the inspection.

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