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Why Real Estate Agents Should Build Their Business With CBI

Do's and Don't's 09.26.2018
Cbi why real estate agents should build their business with CBI

Over the years many real estate agents have bought into the myth that home inspections can tank a deal. But the reality is that the right home inspector can actually help you close a deal. Keep reading to find out why using high-quality inspectors can help you build your business.

Well-informed future home owners are prepared; they put in their time and money and they want to know they’re getting the same care in return. A thorough inspection is an integral part of any home buying (or selling) process.

When you work with bad inspectors, you’re opening up your clients to the risk of a low-quality inspection that misses serious issues. And unfortunately these mistakes can lead to heartbreaking emotional and financial stress down the line. This not only hurts your clients, but can also be detrimental to your reputation.

What We Can Do for Your Clients

Chicago Building Inspections (CBI) was founded in 2015, but we’ve been around much longer. Working in the real estate industry full-time since 1999 and offering expert-level building inspections since 2007, we’ve earned our solid and trustworthy reputation throughout Chicago.

Our goal is to better prepare clients for how a home or building will perform, rather than just list all of the issues. Through extremely meticulous and comprehensive inspections, we provide prospective home owners, investors, builders and associations with more informative results of the condition of their current property or future home.

We have extensive experience managing the difficulties of running both single and multi-inspector firms.

Want an idea of what people have to say about our work? Just look at our Facebook reviews here and check out the many recommendations.

Trust CBI

A survey from the National Association of Realtors revealed that only 7% of purchase contracts died, with nearly half of those deals falling through due to financing. Seeking a good, thorough inspector will do you a world of good! If you want to continue growing your reputation and client referrals, let’s talk!

Get in touch with one of our inspection experts by calling 312-INSPECT or sending a message to We’re ready to help you grow your business and make clients happy!

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