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Cbi what is an expert witness

An expert witness is a person perceived by the courts to have expertise in a particular area and therefore qualified to testify during litigation.

Some examples of litigation that may require the testimony of an expert witness are:

  • Negligent building maintenance
  • Building code violations
  • Mold remediation
  • Deck collapse caused by poor craftsmanship

As an expert witness, we are able to provide facts related to our inspection as well as our professional opinion stemming from an “Expert Witness Report” created after an inspection. While an expert witness may be hired by one party in the litigation, ultimately it is the witness’ duty to be a neutral third party.

Sure you know some examples of cases that require expert witnesses, but when can you be sure that you really need an expert witness? Let us lay it out for you.

When to Call an Expert Witness

Litigation from property disputes can arise for any number of reasons. But there are specific incidents in which an expert witness will be necessary.

Some examples are when you are:

  • unable to resolve a dispute and are turning to court proceedings
  • looking to settle outside of court
  • dealing with a property dispute falling under one of these areas: construction, zoning, tenant/landlord, and home inspections

What Will An Expert Witness Do?

You already understand that our role as expert witness is to provide admissible testimony based on our professional opinion from an inspection report.

But what does that mean? And what is the process like?

The process will begin with a referral, usually a phone call in which you will give a rundown of the litigation and send over any relevant documents or photographs.

You can get a hold of us at (312) 467-7328 or contact us here:

With this information, we will do our own case evaluation and let you know if we are a good fit for your case. Upon acceptance, we will draft a contract and agreement before performing the inspection.

The Inspection

We will go into all inspections prepared with a checklist and thorough notes.

Much like a regular inspection, we will take photos, make detailed notes, and take our time.

Following the inspection, we will compile an Expert Witness Report. Depending on your specific case, our report may be taken as Expert Evidence. This is an outline of the inspection, the facts, and our professional opinion.

Or the court could even call us in as an Expert Witness who will provide testimony to strengthen a case.

Who Can Be An Expert Witness?

Typically an expert witness in building inspections is a:

  • Practitioner within the field of expertise
  • Professional with years of experience as a building inspector
  • Person who has trained others in building inspections
  • Professional who has contributed to the writing of local or international building codes

In addition, you’ll want a person who presents well in front of the jury.

Chicago Building Inspections has over a decade of experience in professional building inspections. If you believe you could benefit from our expertise in your court case, reach out to us here.

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