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The Unseen Benefits of Thermal Imaging Inspections

Inspector Insights 08.08.2018
Cbi benefits of thermal imaging inspection

Infrared Thermal Imaging (or just thermal imaging) is an advanced, non-invasive technique that many home and building inspectors, including our team, use to deliver more detailed reports.

With thermal imaging, we can show clients things that wouldn’t otherwise be revealed in a traditional inspection. This is because the technology allows us to see beyond what is visible.

Today we want to give you the low down on what thermal imaging inspections are and help you decide if they’re beneficial for you.

Before we get started on what thermal imaging is let’s talk about what it is NOT.

Thermal Imaging Myths

Thermal imagining cannot see through walls, but it does distinguish minor differences in surface temperatures.
If an area appears cold, it doesn’t automatically indicate water. The culprit could be some moisture or just coldness.
Anyone can use a thermal camera — False! It’s crucial that if you utilize thermal imaging, you have an accredited expert that can make sense of the findings and how they correlate to the existing property.

What Are the Benefits?

Now that you know what the myths are, you can focus on the benefits of Thermal Imaging. If you choose this type of inspection, you can then use the results to take actionable steps to improve your home or building.

Detecting Energy Loss

IR (infrared) cameras can show heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors.

Additionally, it can reveal:

  • AC compressor leaks
  • Broken seals in double-paned windows
  • Malfunctioning heating systems

Locating Moisture Intrusion

IR cameras can reveal hidden or hard-to-find roof leaks, plumbing leaks, missing or damaged insulation, and water intrusion penetration around the foundation.

Finding Hot Spots

There are various issues that occur in a property and go unnoticed for a long time before they lead to something more serious.

IR cameras can help inspectors find issues like overloaded, undersized, or in need of repair circuits, electrical faults, and overworked electrical components.

Additional Findings

Thermal imaging uses a series of color gradients that your inspection expert is trained to interpret and read.

Some of these other problems that can be found are pest infestations found by identifying energy loss. They can detect existence of rats, mice, or other large pests, and even potentially dangerous flue leaks that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Thermal Imaging reports are user-friendly. Plus, your inspection expert will walk you through the findings so that you fully understand the report. You can then can take concrete steps to improve the situation.

Do you want an extra layer of assurance that your home or building’s electrical system is safe, not overloaded, and properly maintained?

Then a thermal imaging inspection may be right for you!

Home inspections are merely a visual inspection, and we can only report on what we can see. Hence why thermal imaging is a great addition to any inspection.

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