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The Top Five Problems Found During Property Inspections

From the Field 08.15.2018
Cbi top 5 problems found during property

Many homeowners or property owners believe they only need one inspection, and don’t think twice unless a serious problem comes up. However, regular inspections are essential to assess your property’s value as well as to stay on top of any issues.

Routine inspections can ensure your property is safe and sound. Today we want to take you through some of the most common issues found in property inspections; because if you know what they are, you can hopefully prevent them

(And if you know you’ll be a little lax in your preventative care, go ahead and schedule your annual inspection here)

Typical Issues Uncovered During Inspections

Whether you’re thinking of buying, selling, or just getting the peace of mind that your property is in good order, these are great items to look out for.

1. Poorly Working Heating Systems

Old components, poor installation, or just the wear and tear over the years can do some serious damage to your property’s heating system.

Routine maintenance and checkups will save you BIG and ensure you’re comfortable during winter months.

2. Bad Wiring

Especially common in older homes, poor electrical wiring is dangerous.

Fire hazards and electrical failure are inevitable. Just think about it: older homes weren’t wired to handle the amount of energy we use today.

ALWAYS get a certified professional to look at all things electrical.

3. Faulty Gutters

This is a simple fix that doesn’t require professional certification (unless it’s very damaged).

Checking on your gutters monthly or after big storms can keep them in great working condition. And, it can save you from problems like leaks, flooding, and foundational issues.

4. Neglected Plumbing Issues

Unfortunately we come across plumbing issues all too often.

Your plumbing system is the most complex of your property. And when you leave things like leaks, water pressure problems, or worn out pipes for too long, you can find yourself with a much more serious problem on your hands.

5. Roof Damage

Another vital piece of any property is your roof.

When left uninspected for too long, you’ll find other problems begin to appear. That’s because your roof is so important in how your property functions.

Thankfully it’s another easy fix. Hence regular upkeep, replacing shingles, and removing debris can keep your roof healthy.

Note: A proper inspection can ensure previous owners didn’t try to mask damage with paint, which is common.

No matter what stage you are in the process of buying, selling, or caring for a property, knowing these common problems will give you the upper hand in ensuring your property is in the best shape possible.

Additionally, you can add these areas into your maintenance routine and implement preventative care. This way, hopefully you’ll never have to deal with these issues.

If you’d like a professional opinion to put your mind at ease, we can help!

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