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Telltale Signs It's Time to Replace Your Insulation

Do's and Don't's 10.10.2018
Cbi telltale signs its time to replace your insulation

New and old homes alike experience problems related to poor insulation. While it’s a good idea to re-insulate your home every so often, there are some signs it’s time for new or better insulation.

As a homeowner, you should make monitoring your home’s insulation a regular habit. And doing so could help keep your home comfortable and in good working order for years to come.

Before getting started, we want to note that if your home or building was constructed before 1970, it’s generally a good idea to go ahead and re-insulate.

Read on for more signs it’s time to give your insulation a second thought.

Six Obvious Signs of Poor Insulation

1. Wet Insulation

This is a red flag. If your insulation appears to be damp or wet, ditch it and start from scratch.

Leaks, vent issues, a flood, or even the absence of vapor barriers can lead to attic, crawl space, and basement insulation getting wet. While it may dry out, it will never regain its original shape or function and will always underperform.

2. Signs of Pests

Have you noticed mice droppings or other indicators of animal infestation?

It’s best to take out the existing insulation and replace it. This way you get rid of any fecal matter or nests the pests may have hidden somewhere in the insulation.

3. Current Condition

Here’s an obvious sign you should replace your existing insulation — if it’s crumbling, cracking, or falling apart.

You need to replace it right away. The only catch is, older insulations may contain toxic chemicals, so it’s best to consult a professional when handling.

4. Unusual Energy Bills

Are your energy bills randomly spiking?

Poor insulation allows outside weather inside your home. So, if the weather outside is strange, you’ll likely experience strange temperatures inside as well.

If you’re suspicious that you may need to re-insulate, keeping an eye on your monthly bills is a good place to start.

5. Drafty Rooms

Having a poorly insulated home will allow a breeze to be notable throughout the home. If you leave it unattended for too long, it’s basically the same as leaving your door wide open in the winter.

6. Frozen Pipes

While Chicago winters are no joke, if your home is properly insulated, your pipes shouldn’t freeze.

Poor insulation in exterior walls can lead to frozen pipes, or worse … burst pipes, and can make winter that much more difficult for you.

Why Insulation Matters

Proper insulation will make your home comfortable, work more efficiently, and save you money. Additionally, it can maintain a safe indoor air quality and temperature regulation to ensure all on your property are comfortable.

Whether you take a look around your property yourself or hire a professional to do so, you should consider an energy audit. An energy audit is the best way to pinpoint problem areas of inefficiency within your home.

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