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Five Plumbing Issues That Can Affect Every Kitchen Remodel

Do's and Don't's 09.05.2018
Cbi 5 plumbing issues that can affect

Whether you recently bought a home or you decided it’s time to give your home an update, chances are you’ll come across a remodel in your home owning life. Each year homeowners across the United States spend over a collective $300 million on home remodels and renovations.

One of the most common renovations occurs in the kitchen, which is coincidentally an area we see a lot of problems in the post-remodel phase.

So if you’re thinking about DIYing your way through to a new kitchen, keep these issues in mind so that you can save yourself from some serious problems later on.

Plumbing issues are the most common due to a poor remodel. And today we’ll focus solely on plumbing issues that may arise in the kitchen.

What Not to Do During Your Kitchen Remodel

Theme and design are the exciting aspects of a remodel, but as a homeowner you cannot neglect the planning of the plumbing. When plumbing gets left as an afterthought, these are the problems you can run into:

1. The Wrong Sink

Most homeowners are blinded by the excitement of choosing beautiful cabinetry or modern features so much, they forget about the sink.

When you don’t plan properly you may find yourself having trouble with installation, needing to cut counters or cabinets down, or cut new holes.

To avoid this headache, the best thing to do is to choose your sink first then work from there. Doing so will save you money and your contractor’s time.

2. Incompatible Pipes

It’s okay to mix and match pipes — as long as they are compatible!

When you use pipes that weren’t made for each other, you’ll face early corrosion and frequent leaks, both of which can do some damage to your pretty new kitchen.

Also, when you use incompatible pipes you may have to use fixtures to hold them together. And doing this will give you extremely weak water pressure.

3. Crowded Space

Your pipes need some breathing room. Hence when you neglect to leave enough free space around the pipes, you’re taking away the easiest method of clearing a clog in your plumbing.

Pay attention to this when adding cupboards or other modifications.

4. Poor Flooring Choices

Want new flooring?

That should go down first. Your flooring will affect the space and ease of installation for cabinets and other kitchen features.

5. Ditching the Vent

Plumbing vents are essential to any kitchen, as they can prevent harmful gasses from staying in your home as well as allowing air into the pipes to foster proper drainage.

When planning your kitchen remodel, we hope you’ll keep these five issues in mind as they’re all completely avoidable. With the right planning, you can enjoy a quick and successful remodel rather than long-term plumbing problems.

If you think your kitchen remodel may be suffering from one or more of these problems, or you’re concerned about other areas of your home — we can help!

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