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Cbi eight home gifts

The holidays are upon us! Which means lots of quality family time, hopefully some relaxation, and definitely the exchange of gifts! Whether you have a few new homeowners on your list or you’re looking for a practical (or fun) present for a friend, we’ve got some great ideas!

A Gift Guide for Homeowners

1. Safety Goodie Basket

There are tons of essentials every homeowner should have, but most of which people don’t even think about.

If you have friends or family who just bought a new home or you want to look out for your loved ones, consider putting together a goodie basket with a fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, emergency flashlights, first-aid kit, and even batteries.

2. Smart Doorbell

Smart home technology is all the rage, and for good reason. It makes life easier and your home more efficient.

A smart doorbell, like this one, lets homeowners see and speak to visitors from anywhere using a smart device. You don’t have to be at home to defend it!

3. Kitchen Compost

Do you have an environmentally conscious friend?

We know how bad dumping grease can be for our drains and pipes, but other things can be harmful to our kitchen sinks too. That’s why this kitchen compost bucket could be a great gift for the homeowner looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

4. Personalized Door Mat

A simple, but meaningful gift that will let your homeowner friend make a mark on their new space. There are tons of options online, but we love this classic welcome mat. Let your friends welcome guests in style!

5. Cordless Drill

New homes come with lots of small DIY projects.

As the new homeowners begin to settle in to their nests, they’ll surely come across different things that need to be repaired, put together, or pictures to be hung to make it their own. Make their job easier with a cordless drill like this one from Black + Decker.

6. Fire Pit Accessories

Know someone with a great backyard setup?

Here are a few great items to complement any fire pit or backyard fireplace. Reusable skewers perfect for making s’mores, flame retardant gloves for safe handling, or even a pack of popcorn or a s’mores starter kit to encourage some social time around the fire pit!

If you know someone with a fire pit or you’re getting one for a loved one, check out this helpful post on fire pit safety!

7. Cleaning Putty

Need a stocking stuffer?

This cleaning putty is great for anyone working in an office or someone with a lot of children. It makes cleaning electronics easy and safe and can help you or your loved ones get through spring cleaning much quicker.

8. Smart Faucet

If you have a Green Thumb on your “need to buy” list—look no further!

This smart hose faucet is a great way to automate the watering process and can integrate nicely into existing smart home technology like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Did you see something on the list for your favorite homeowner?

We hope this simple gift guide will make your holiday shopping quick and easy.

While it is the season of giving, don’t neglect your own needs this Christmas!

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